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"And these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love" 1 Corinthians 13:13

This blog is 100% trigger free and inspirational. None of the pictures are mine unless other wise noted! Have a great day

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southern-belle-365 (country/personal blog)

**dailybibleverse365 (bible verses blog)

**f0ur-seasons-love (seasons blog)

fearlesslovealways (love blog)

Starred blogs are my collab (group) blogs

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REBLOG for a chance to be my August BOTM!! (max of two times)

MBF ME: sunshine-and-love-remain (DON’T LIE, I WILL CHECK)

No poll, I will hand chose my winner on July 31st!!! I don’t think polls are fair… Winner will be notified, then announced on my blog on August 1st

{{Blogs that are inspirational, trigger free, and watercolor have a better chance at being chosen… But any blog can apply}}

***The only RULE: Please make sure that you are active on a daily basis and will actually ask for promos while you are my BOTM! This is the only way you will truly benefit as my BOTM!! I only do a few promos on my own (without being asked), but you will get noticed way more if you actually ask me for promos (I am a busy girl, I work full time, so you’ve gotta remind me to do them)***

Winner will receive the FOLLOWING:

  • A visible link on my blog for the entire month
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  • A new friend & follow back (if I don’t already follow you)
  • Solo promos at random times
  • Help in any other contests
  • Hopefully lots of new followers, promos to almost 8.8K
  • Anything else we can agree on :)

PLEASE message me with any other questions you may have

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